About me

Who Am I?

I am William Smith

And I love design


I have loved photgraphy for many years and enjoyed the wolrd around me. I have been a muscian, a social worker, a husband and a bit crazy for most of my life. I have learned as I go along and have no formal training but have a passion for seeing the world from a different angle.

See it capture it view the results?

Take Something simple


My art is like music, a picture doesn't looks the same when played with at a different time. My art is for me to release my inner ideas and allows me to see the world from a different perspective. Social work is stressful and creating these images hels me focus the mind and clairify daily life.

Image left is called "Garden Throne" and was as I saw it on a skip on Holy Island. Its symatry and form were obvious and I think the results are perfect.

Image below is Dundee City Quay Light Ship

The "Three Faces of Me" is a portait of the inner person, sometimes life has a way of changing us and we become what we never thought we could turn into.


1- Caged relaity of life


2- Peace and simplicity


3- Frustration and Anger

Red Finned Beauty