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Garden Throne availabe any size is a one of one


Adrians Wall 1/2 BW A2 size availabe in mount for Framing by owner POA


Blowlamp Lines sizwe A1 Width A2 Hight mounted POA


Wellies BW 8x10 mounted

framed 8cm x 10cm £45

Take off and Land Framed 98cm x 50 cm see inset picture £250 1 of 1

Dundee City Quay Photo Light Drawing Framed and mounted 98cm x 50cm see insert pictures £250 1 of 1

Blowlamps A1 Length x A2 Hight Mounted POA

Part of the Synaptic Stems collection.


Available as individual art pieces mounted and framed 8cm x 10 cm or as a collection coming soon





Rockmador France duel overlay drawing Framed un mounted 8cm x 10cm £45