My Art

What's In An Image?


Creating art is for me about more than seeing an image through the viewfinder, its about imagining whats behind the image and how to bring it out.

Playing with the photograph adapting the image and altering its structure to reveal a differnt way of seeing what we see in our everyday world.

Looking for the abscure in the norm and envisiging something more abstract is how I lke to work. Taking an image and using light in some cases to alter what we see. Trees and flowers are all around us and we take them for granted. We dont always see the beauty of the form or the shape we are conditioned to see it as a flower or tree.

Some of my work is more experimental and unusual some are simple images with a history. Colour is important but light gives colour a shape and form to alter the senses.

New art work "Rouge I" A series of 10 images about the beginnings of life.


Creative Thinking

Imagintive Design

All my work is of the highest quality and all photo images are my own work. It is important to me to use the best photographic paper and expert mounting and framing I can this lets the art speak for its self

More Images will be availabe on the website soon please visit regularly. Please feel free to contact me to discuss my art and how it can be purchased. Each piece is a unique piece and most are one of one. All are signed by me and certificated.

Synaptic Stems 2

Just Bee-ing